Welcome to ImpulsX Passive System Start With our Passive System Today We provide the Opportunity to earn a lasting passive income

Passive Plan Features

Matrix structure

ImpulsX Passive System uses a 2x20 matrix structure for fast network building and possible spillover from your uplines

Direct referral commissions

10% of the sold packs of your direct referrals will be paid out as commission to you

Career plan

ImpulsX Passive System offers a career plan so you can profit more while you continue to build your team

Unlimited packs

There is no limit on how many $10 packs you can purchase. More packs = more passive income

Matrix commission payments

Upto 40% of the sold packs will be shared instantly with the matrix on 20 levels at 2% per level

Happy Clients

13,797 +

Days Online

798 +

Active Users

13,390 +

ImpulsX Passive System

Unique system features

Flexibility in deposits and withdrawals

ImpulsX Passive System lets you buy packs in BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT (Omni), TRX, XRP, XMR, IPX and ERK. There are no deposit fees! Withdrawals are done in IPX.

Weekly passive income

Every Monday around 1pm Central European Time the trading profits are shared with all the users. This makes Monday a happy day for a change ;-)

Easy compounding

Use your profit share and commissions to compound your packs and build a lasting passive income.

How To Get Started With ImpulsX Passive System?

1. Sign Up

Sign up for free and without obligation here:

2. Start Earning​

Buy your first $10 pack to get a place in the matrix, get $10 worth of advertising credits and start earning a weekly passive income.

3. Get info

Attend one of our webinars, check out all the information of our marketing partner Mad Investor and join our social media channels.

4. Optimize your income

It is not needed to refer anyone to ImpulsX Passive System to earn an income but if you do refer people, you will be rewarded with commissions and grow in our career plan.



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