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Updates 02-11-2020

Hello everyone,

As you all probably know the launch of ImpulsX Passive System was supposed to be today. 

However, we decided to postpone the launch for 2 weeks and it will take place on Monday the 16th of November.

The reason for this is that we were discussing the compensation plan with many main leaders and we came to the conclusion that we want to make it better and easier for all of you to make money with our system.

Not that the original plan wasn't good, we just believed it could be even better and by changing some things we and the leaders believe we will grow even faster.

So for all of this to be implemented and coded we ask for your patience and hence the postponement of the launch until the 16th.


The changes that we will make to plan are as follows:

- Pack price stays at $10 and you will get advertising worth of $10.

- Direct commission was 10% and will stay 10%

- Tree commission on all packs purchased in your downline will be $0.20 (according to your eligible level: paid, silver, gold and diamond level) with a maximum of 15 levels up (15 x $0.20 = $3).

- As 10% is going to direct commission and 30% to tree commission, that leaves 60% to go to the trading fund. We will be trading with these funds and 100% of the profits will be paid to packholders.

We are convinced that we can offer a profit of 2.5% weekly trading with these funds.

- ImpulsX will not take 10% of the the trading profits anymore, as we strongly believe in the power of the Passive System and holding the top position will give us the commissions we need to continue providing this opportunity to you.

- Furthermore, all the tree commissions that are not paid out due to not having all the 15 levels above to be eligible, will go into the trading fund also. These funds will be traded with as well as part of a reserve fund so that we can use these funds as profit payment to the users in case of emergency.


So as to not stop the marketing efforts we have also planned that we will actually backdate and credit all commissions made within the timeframe of today until the new coding/compensation plan is integrated.

This means that today and next Monday we will payout according to the original compensation plan and as of 16-11 we will payout using the new plan as described above. All earned tree commissions will be backdated and credited as mentioned.


All in all we hope you understand our decision and this actually gives everyone more time to qualify for the nice prizes we have in mind for the launch. Make sure you become diamond and/or hold at least 500 packs to be eligible for a prize at the launch.

We understand that there might be some questions regarding these changes and that is why Mark will be going a Q&A session after the regular webinar of tomorrow 03-11 at 20.00 CET.


We thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing you at the Q&A.


➡️ Realized updates ImpulsX Passive 03-11-2020 ⬅️

✅ Advertisement module is implemented now. Look in your Ads Wallet Balance where you see your balance to be used as advertisement credit. You can buy ads from your backoffice menu "Advertisement". Please make sure your banner is exactly 1170x210 for it to be accepted by the system.

✅ From now it is possible to withdraw in LTC, USDT (omni), ETH and BTC. Please fill in the address of the coin of your choice in the menu. On withdrawal fill in the amount in USD and you will receive in the coin of your choice.

✅ Buying packs from your wallet balance sometimes didn't work as it should, this should be fixed now.

✅ Only one email is sent when buying multiple packs.

✅ In the welcome email password is not showing anymore.