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Update 14-11-2020

🍀 Update 14-11-2020 🍀

I would like to bring you up-to-date with the latest development regarding ImpulsX Passive System.


✅ Devs are working on the final stages of implementing the new plan. When this is integrated you will receive $0.20 per pack purchased in your team.

Of course you must be qualified according to the career plan. 

After this is implemented, we will calculate and backdate all purchases to 02-11 so that you will receive these commissions after all is calculated.


✅ We get many questions to move someone from sponsor Admin to the right sponsor. Unfortunately, the system does not allow to do this. So please instruct your prospects to double check the sponsor name when signing up.

To highlight this more, we added a text on the signup page so that it is clear that someone should check their sponsors\' name.


✅ Monday 16-11 will be the official launch of the platform and we will be hosting a special webinar at 20.00 CET for this event. 

Zoom link will be as always:

Webinar ID: 9908 008 4324


✅ You still have until the launch to qualify for a Silver, Gold or Diamond position without the requirement of having a certain amount of packs.


After the launch, these requirements will be implemented:

➡️ Silver sponsors: 2 paying direct referrals and minimal 20 personal packs

➡️ Gold sponsors: 5 paying direct referrals and minimal 100 personal packs

➡️ Diamond sponsors: 10 paying direct referrals and minimal 500 personal packs


So take advantage of the opportunity now and reach your desired position before the official launch!