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Hello all! Just wanted to make an announcement that probably a lot of people will like.
We can assure you that apart from the trading bot, profits for the ImpulsX Passive System will come from other sources of income too like there are other trading bots, ERK staking and trading and the Passive System will be backed by IPX company holdings!
Knowing all this, we are extremely confident that a monthly profit of at least 12% is expected to all participants in the ImpulsX Passive System on the bought packs and matrix commissions.
Regarding IPX token we can also announce that there are very positive plans on the horizon. Like most of you know we are all working hard to build a worldwide community for ERK and EurekaX, with the Chinese now spearheading the marketing efforts. When the foundation of this is built, we are planning to roll out various other projects (like ImpulsX and IPX token) that will profit hugely from the community that was built. This will definitely give a huge boost to the project and token as you can imagine. The capital increase resulting from these activities will be used for buyback and burn, exchange listings, enhance the current projects and build and/or participate in new crypto projects.
All in all very positive developments and we are looking forward to a very bright future with ImpulsX and the IPX token.